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Who are you?

Hey! I'm a Coder(ma碼nong農)👨‍💻, You can call me Dan or Dan Teng.🤦‍♂️

Currently, I am working as an iOS developer for a company, Sometimes I also do some development projects with PHP or Python. I also like product design, although my designs are ugly.💩

I was born in a farmer family in the country, I have been determined to change my fate ever since l was a little boy, After graduating from college, I came to Beijing to work. 🇨🇳

What do you think of your job or application development?

The most important thing is problem-solving and having a problem-solving ability. The second is to have rigorous logical thinking and design thinking. Last, It's vital to have a deep understanding of your development language and skills.

For me, I think I am the kind of developer that is driven by business capabilities, paying more attention to problem-solving ability, and consider the experience of each function from the user's perspective.

What hardware and software do you usually use?

I work with 💻Macbook Pro and a mechanical keyboard⌨️. Usually, I use my old iPhone 6s and 📱iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Air to test application compatibility. Besides, Apple Watch⌚️ records my activities every day. At home, I usually use iMac🖥 to do what I like, I also use iPad and Apple Pencil🖊 to design somethings with GoodNotes, use 📷Canon 80D shooting somethings.

The most used software is Xcode, and Python with PyCharm or Jupyter, PHP with Phpstorm or sublime.

What is your hobby?

🌴Travelling  |  🖌Creating  |  💻Coding  |  📷Shooting  |  📚Reading  |  💁💭.

All amazing and beautiful things.

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